Boothcool Web APK for Android, Access Through Browser


 Download Boothcool Web APK for Android, Access Through Browser and you will still be able to edit photos like on the iPhone. 

Boothcool is actually a photo editing application on the iPhone, there are four popular filters with eight animation effects that you can try to use to add to the beauty of your photos. Boothcool for iPhone also provides features in the form of 4-up photo strips that can be changed as desired. In addition, you can also create various kinds of poses by utilizing the filters and effects in the application.

Boothcool APK for Android

Featured Features in the BoothCool application

You can download and use this application for free. The excellent features it has are as follows:

  1. There are many popular filters such as: Normal, Vignette, Black and White and Magic Hour
  2. Support retina for iPad and iPhone
  3. Face detection feature
  4. Strip style features
  5. Countdown feature in 3 seconds
  6. 8 animation options
  7. Full HD photo quality

Not only can you use it on iPad & iPhone, you can also use BoothCool on MAC. However, for MAC devices, this application is not free and you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

BoothCool Web APK For Android

Because BoothCool is a photo editing application for iPhone users, this application is not available on the Google Play Store. But there's no need to worry, as with the iPhone version of the photobooth application, you can also use the many advantages of the BoothCool apk or the web version of Boothcool without an application on for photo editing.

This Android version of Boothcool also has several excellent features that you can use. Here are some of its features:

High Quality Editing App

BoothCool APK for Android is a video editing application with high quality. This application also provides dynamic editing options for photo editing needs to make it more interesting.

Provides Boobot3 Animation Features

For those of you fans of Boombot3, you must try BoothCool APK as photo editing. Because with this application you can turn photos into animated characters in Boombot3. You can choose the character of your choice, change it and then post it to social media.

User Friendly

BoothCool APK for Android has a simple and user friendly interface. All the features in this application are also arranged in such a way that it is easy to find and use.

Download BoothCool APK For Android

Please for Android users who want to use the application, you can download it from the link below. Here's the tutorial so you don't take the wrong APK the wrong way.

  1. Go to the browser then search "BoothCool" or you can click the download link on this site.
  2. Download the file and wait a few moments for the download process to complete.
  3. Before you install, please open the Settings menu then activate permissions for unknown source access permissions
  4. If you have entered the file menu on your Android, please open the file that you downloaded earlier
  5. Click the file for installation and start the app will start to install
  6. Follow the installation instructions (if any) until there is a report that the application can be used


  • APP NAME: Boothcool Web APK
  • DEVELOPER: HeartCrown Official SU
  • FILE SIZE: 28.1 MB
  • UPDATE DATE: April 10, 2022

Download for Android | Download for iPhone

[IMPORTANT] Make sure that you download the Boothcool APK for Android application from a trusted source. Because most of the Boothcool APKs distributed only contain ads and there is no heart crown filter feature as the gapmod team provides.

How to Edit Photos Using BoothCool APK for Android

After the application is successfully installed, you can immediately use it for photo editing. Here's a simple way that you can follow to do photo editing using the BoothCool APK Application:

  1. Please open the BoothCool application that you installed earlier
  2. Click the photo gallery icon
  3. Select the photo you want to edit
  4. Click the Settings menu
  5. Edit photos as you wish with the editing tools provided
  6. Finally, please download the file, the file will be automatically saved in the gallery

Not only editing photos that are already in the gallery, you can also edit photos directly from your cellphone camera shots. The trick is to click the photo icon and then take a picture at will. After that, edit the photo using the method that we have provided in the tutorial above. You can add motion stickers, animations and so on according to your wishes.

That was the discussion about the BoothCool APK application for Android from This application is indeed very capable for you to use photo editing for you to use to meet your social media needs. But keep in mind, this application is actually only available on iPhone and there is no official version for Android phones yet. So we are not responsible if there are problems in the future.

To use the original application, you can download it from the official website so that the application is safer to use.

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