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Driving School 2017 APK

Download Driving School 2017 V3.6 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Download Driving School 2017 V3.6 MOD APK Unlimited Money - We will share for you games with a simulation genre that is fun to play on Android devices. Driving School 2017 MOD APK with latest version: V3.6 has many MODs, including: Unlimited Money. If you want to play, please click the download link and install it correctly via the link below.

  • Title: Driving School 2017

  • Version: 3.6

  • Root needed:  NO

  • Internet required:  YES

  • Requires Android:  4.1 together with up

  • Size: 28M

  • CHPlay URL: com.ovilex.drivingschool2017

  • Price: Free

Mod Features:
  • Unlimited Money


• Nearly 100 vehicles to unlock!

• More than xv detailed maps

• Smooth together with realistic machine handling

• Different licenses to take, Car, Bus together with Truck

• More than eighty challenging levels

• Free Ride mode

• New Multiplayer Modes: Racing, Free Ride Catch the Flag

• Detailed vehicle interiors

• Realistic harm system

• Gas System amongst refilling at gas stations

• Manual Transmission amongst clutch

• Tilt steering, buttons together with ship on steering wheel

• Online Leaderboards together with Achievements

• Real engine sounds

• Next-Gen conditions conditions

• Request novel maps together with vehicles on our social media pages!

• Controller Support, play amongst your Gamepad!

- Challenge mode available!

- New 2019 Cars available!

- Special Package offers!

- Bug Fixing!

Saiyan Dragon Battle 2 APK

Download Saiyan Dragon Battle 2 V1.0 APK MOD Unlimited Money/Coins | Beans

Download Saiyan Dragon Battle 2 V1.0 APK MOD Unlimited Money/Coins | Beans - We will share for you games with a arcade genre that is fun to play on Android devices. Saiyan Dragon Battle 2 MOD APK with latest version: V1.0 has many MODs, including: Unlimited Money/Coins | Beans. If you want to play, please click the download link and install it correctly via the link below.

Title: Saiyan Dragon Battle 2
  • Version: 1.0

  • Size: 41M

  • Category: Arcade

  • Developer: EvelinaLuis Dragon LLD

  • Price: Free

  • Root needed: NO

  • Internet required: YES

  • Requires Android:  4.4 in addition to up

  • App ID: com.gokudragon.dbzbattlee.gokufighter

  • Playstore Link: 

Other Games

Link Download:
Saiyan Dragon Battle 2 v1.0 Mod (APK_SIGNED)

Mod Features:
  • Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Coins

  • Unlimited Beans

– Easy to play in addition to command a to z
– 20 Super Hero ball Levels alongside amazing graphics shadow
– 40+ bosses alongside 80+ skills.
– 60+ dbz Fighters from dragon fighter such equally goku, vegeta, gohann.
– 100+ unique in addition to signature science such equally soaring dragon strike, spirit ball.
– Easily earn money alongside sentry vantage video
– Use many science to shell Boss, melee attack, air attack, footing attack.
– Use god beans to recover wellness in addition to power.
– Watch video or utilisation coins to spin lucky wheel.
– Watch video or utilisation coins to purchase god beans.
– Change principal grapheme to fight, unlock super heroes levels
– Use coins or sentry video to re-spawn inwards electrical current place.
– Watch video or utilisation coins to avoid downgrade level.
– Amazing 3D pseudo-graphics, bang-up audio render bang-up gaming experience.

Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue Apk

Download Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue Gameloft Mod Apk Offline

Download Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue Gameloft Mod Apk Offline - We will share for you games with a simulation genre that is fun to play on Android devices. Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue MOD APK with latest version: V2.1.0 has many MODs, including: Unlimited Money MOD APK. If you want to play, please click the download link and install it correctly via the link below.

  • Version: 2.0.7b
  • Support Android: 2.3+ (Gingerbread)
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Mode: Offline
  • MOD: Unlimited Money

Link Download
Direct Link | 35 Mb

Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue Features 

The story line is full of adventure through various exciting missions.
Awesome 3D graphics

7 special maps: savanna, forest, mountain, paddock and arctic.
Save the various animals and dynosaur nations

Collect legendary species like Unicorn and Phoenix
Decorate your zoo with plants, a wish well, a cute gift shop and a restaurant.

What is New in Wonder Zoo Animal rescue

Various bug fixes and improvements.

Dragon Mania Apk

Download Dragon Mania Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)Back I share for you the game with the cool simulations genre for your Android. Dragon Mania MOD APK with the latest version: V2.27 with many MODs, including: MOD APK Unlimited Money. If you want to play, please have a download link and install it correctly below.

Gameplay Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk

Dragon Mania Legends Apk is a simulation game to build a dragon village "Dragolandia". Your job is to take care of the dragons from snoring to becoming big. Prepare the dragons for legendary battles.

The gameplay in Dragon Mania Legends is also quite interesting, even though it includes a simulation game to care for baby dragons, there are many new experiences that you don't get in other android simulation games. Meanwhile, what the admin is sharing this time is the latest version of the Dragon Mania Legends mod, so for those of you who have played it, just update it with this latest version of the mod.

Just download the latest dragon mania legends mod apk exclusively through the link that we have provided below. Have a nice play.

Download Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Name: Dragon Mania Apk

Category: Simulation

Version: 3.1.2b

OS: 4.0+

Mod: Unlimited Money

Mode: Offline

Developer: Gameloft

Played online and offline

Officials Playstore

Other Games

Link Download :

Features Dragon Mania Legends

  • Establish a habitat on Naga Island
  • Give birth to a strong baby dragon
  • Feed, pet and teach your baby dragons in an interactive experience
  • Collect all different types of dragons!

Descriptions of Dragon Mania Legends

The dragon is one of the most exploited mythical animals in its fantastic elements and provides a unique experience to your audience.

Since it is a powerful and influential animal that does not suffer any influence, it can be said that the dragon is a champion in the world of myths as well as a species with various exploited forms.

Not only a significant influence in the story, this imaginary species also inspired many different plays.

About Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends is a popular product for a long time, released about 5 years ago. Currently, it has achieved more than 50 million downloads on Google Play and a continuous community of online players.

This product also updates new details regularly, so that old players don't get bored. One of the game's most diverse and rich features is the dragon system.

When participating in this game, you temporarily forget all the knowledge that you know about this species. Maybe you thought there were only a few dragon species with a simple classification. Dragon Mania Legends to show hundreds of different creative combinations.

Bus Simulator Ultimate APK

Download Download Bus Simulator Ultimate APK MOD Unlimited Money

Download Download Bus Simulator Ultimate APK MOD Unlimited Money - Back I share for you the game with the cool actions genre for your Android. Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK with the latest version: V1.1.7 with many MODs, including: MOD APK Unlimited Money. If you want to play, please have a download link and install it correctly below.

Title: Bus Simulator Ultimate

  • Version: 1.1.7

  • Size: 35M

  • Category: Simulation

  • Developer: Zuuks Games

  • Price: Free

  • Root needed: NO

  • Internet required: YES

  • Requires Android:  5.0 too up

  • App ID: com.zuuks.bus.simulator.ultimate

  • Playstore Link: Bus Simulator Ultimate – Apps on Google Play

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited coin

  • Unlimited money

  • After consummate outset tutorial => out game too play again.


– You volition move able to select offices inwards many places around the world.
– Passenger organization volition supply Social too Realistic Reactions.
– 13 Amazing Coach Bus
– Passengers mightiness review you.
– Realistic Interiors
– 250+ radio stations
– Highway Toll roads
– Rest area
– Realistic traffic system
– Realistic weather
– Realistic Bus audio effects
– Easy controls (Tilt, Buttons or steering wheel)
– More than 25 linguistic communication support

– Start your Bus yesteryear using Start / Stop button.
– On the correct side of your screen, convey the shift to “D” position.
– Control your Bus yesteryear using interruption too acceleration buttons.

- The road system has changed.
- New bridges have been added.
- We have made some serious bug fixed.
- We made a performance improvement.

Link Download:
Bus-Simulator-Ultimate-MOD-1.1.7 apk

Friday, August 7, 2020

FIFA 14 Mod PES 21 Update Transfer & Kits 2021

FIFA-14-Mod PES-21-Update-Transfer-&-Kits-2021

 The download link for this FIFA 14 Mod PES 21 has been updated for you to try playing on your Android device. For now I will share the modified version and have the latest transfer update for the 2021 season, because there are many players who prefer to play FIFA 14 than the latest version of FIFA Mobile. 

I am sure you will be very happy to play, because in this games already uses player transfer updates in the update transfer season.

Description FIFA 14 Mod

Please choose 11 players from 550 real teams in the best squad, including past and present stars, then train them to more OVR 100 which will make your team stronger. 

You must make your best tactics with the composition you have chosen so that you can make the strongest Ultimate Team in the competition. Test your skills by taking part in all thrilling matches around the world.

  • All FIFA 14 features are Mod.
  • Register 20/21, the latest leagues and transfer players.
  • New Faces and Hair
  • Kit / Uniform 20/21 and 3rd Kit. (Many teams support the 3rd kit).
  • Best HD Pictures.
  • New soundtrack.

Note: not available tournament mode in this version.

Game Play FIFA 14 Mod 2021

Above is the situation when playing the game. You can see from there what the graph is like. If you are happy with the game, you can get it directly from the site for free because this game is free to get.

We will try to update the latest version for you to be able to enjoy the game with the latest transfer updates which is definitely more exciting when played.

If this game cannot be installed on your Android device, try repeating the installation steps that I have explained above, try rereading and understanding it carefully and if it still cannot be installed, chances are the game version does not match the version of the device you have.

Please find another game on this gapmod site, because there are lots of games that I have shared.

Gameplay-FIFA-14-Mod PES-21-Update-Transfer-&-Kits-2021

Gameplay-FIFA-14-Mod PES-21-Update-Transfer-2021

Preview-FIFA-14-Mod PES-21-Update-Transfer-2021

Download Game FIFA 14 Mod Update Transfer

Some of the matches you can participate in include championships between leagues, or face the best players in the world in the VS League Tournament. League to rise on the leader boards and prove your talent in the field.

Immediately download to play, FIFA 14 Mod PES 21 Update Transfer is available for you at, follow the correct installation method. For more information about the details of this game, please find info on various media social media including: Facebook or Youtube gapmod.

  • Supported for Android : 4.0 Up
  • Version of the Games : -
  • Update : Season 2020/2021
  • Mode : Offline 
  • File Size ± : 900 Mb
  • CR : Gilagame
  • Latest Mod : 

Other FIFA Soccer Games : FIFA 14 Mod 21 Concept by Fabix7

File Download

How To Install FIFA 14 Mod PES

  • Download the Game, and then install and Play it. 
  • For a game that uses the Data/Obb in its game, don't forget to download the "Obb" files/"SD" file, before you play it. 
  • If the File is .zip or. rar files. Then, Extract the first File to your sdcard. (If asked for a password, enter: gapmod). 
  • Then move the extracted folder to the location:
    /sdcard/Android/Obb for OBB file
    /sdcard//Android//Data for Data file
  • If it has not been successful, you can put it in:/phone/Android/obb for OBB file/phone/Android/data for Data file
  • After that, you go to the game and play
  • Completed.

Note: Must copy all files to internal storage (phone storage) only.

How to download comments:

  • Turn on your internet / wifi.
  • Open the game and click adjust.
  • Click on the update team, when a pop up appears, click no.
  • Then go to the game audio settings and download comments in any language.

If the game is forced to close

  • Select "Simulate" on the Replacement kit screen before the match.
  • Wait for 1 minute.
  • If there is full time writing.
  • Press the check button to continue playing.
  • Done.

How to change game language

  • Download this locale.ini file from here.
  • Sometimes .txt is automatically added after this file name when you download. Just delete .txt from the file name (change the name to locale.ini). This file name must be locale.ini only.
  • Overwrite this locale.ini file to: Android / data / / ini / na / [Overwrite / Paste here].
  • Open this file using any txt editor application, look for DEFAULT_TEXT funding and change ENG_US to any language, using the code below:
  1. ENG_US for English (default)
  2. FRE_FR for French
  3. SPA_ES for Spanish
  4. GER_DE for German
  5. ITA_IT for Italian
  6. JPN_JP for Japanese
  7. KOR_KR for Korean
  8. CHS_CN for Mandarin
  9. RUS_RU for Russian
  10. POR_BR for Portuguese
  11. DUT_NL for Dutch
  12. After that save the file and start the game.

About additional DB files

There are some additional DB files in the data file. You can use it to explore more game features. But be careful if you replace the db file after playing a few games, save your old game will be stuck. So you need to start again.

In the extracted data file there are 2 db files. Choose the best db file for you. And copy fifa.db from there to: Android / data / / data / cmn / [here]. Overwrite the old fifa.db file.
DB 2 has the latest transfers, but this can be less stable. The default fifa.db file is db 1.

Note: There are no additional DBs for the current version.

If this game cannot be installed on your Android device, try repeating the installation steps that I have explained above, try rereading it and understand it carefully. If you still can't install it, it's possible that the game version doesn't match the device version you have. Please look for other games on the Gapmod site, because we have shared so much.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

PES 2021 PPSSPP Chelito V8 Latest Update


Download PES 2021 Chelito V8 Latest PPSSPP Special Mod Full European League New Update Kits & Offline Transfer. The PES 2021 game has many new updates that will be made especially for the PSP version which is easily updated. There are tons of ISO files that you can play with in your PPSSPP emulator, so don't miss them.

If you are looking for PES 2021 PPSSPP Chelito you will definitely find a lot of differences between one another, this is because many use mod textures and Full European League New Update Kits & Transfer.

This game has existed since a few years ago and has grown rapidly until now. This is because many people arrive who like to play this game. In addition to playing the game, it turns out that there are also those who make their own modifications so as to produce a new player appearance that is updated with the latest transfer season.

Description of PES 2020 PPSSPP

PES 2020 PPSSPP is a football-themed game that can be played on Android devices with the help of an emulator. It's different from other games whose names are almost similar, namely for mobile and without an emulator. For now you can control all the players on the team while playing matches. This is not much different when you play on a console or PC.

PES 2020 PPSSPP with the latest version this time will adjust to touch screen devices like smartphones that are currently available. You can decide whether you want to use your favorite emulator. You can choose the regular, built or gold emulator that you can download on the Playstore or sites.

From the selected methods that have been offered, you are able to shoot, be able to create a defense, be able to bounce the ball, shoot with style, and pass the ball towards the goal. Apart from that, you can also play tournament mode, regular matches, play in leagues and much more with the latest transfer updates.

Latest features of PES 2020 PPSSPP

For 2020, who is not familiar with a game called PES Pro Evolution Soccer? PES is currently very well known by many people in the world, especially for soccer lovers. This one game can show its own satisfaction when played.

Well, this can be an opportunity for those of you who want to collect one of the most popular Android soccer games. In the latest version of 2020, you will get the latest transfer updates per game released. You can download PES 2021 PPSSPP Chelito V8 Latest Update free for now.

In this latest article we have provided a link to download it, but before going to the download link, we will first discuss the issue of what is PES 2020 PPSSPP and what are the newest features in the game.

The reason is, this game has a significant difference from the previous version, namely PES 2019 PPSSPP. The following are some of the features that you can enjoy when playing the latest PPSSPP PES 2020.

  • The latest style of soccer.
  • Team tactics and clusters with the latest updates, are like 3-5-2, 3-4-3, 4-3-3, etc.
  • Simulation & Reaction in the game, especially for players has been maximized.
  • It has been supported with controls in the form of cursors, analogues, and radar. Making it easier for players when carrying the ball.
  • Improved graphics, to create comfort when playing.
  • There is a brand new soundtrack and music that you can control through the settings.
  • More concrete and accurate commentators.
  • Can carry out the sale and purchase or transfer of the latest players in each season. Also, the team logo and name are also updated.

Preview PES Chelito V8





Download PES 2021 PPSSPP Chelito V8

By Downloading PES 2020 PPSSPP ISO for android, you will feel a significant difference when compared to the previous version. You can play with the many match modes available and of course it will be more interesting because it has the latest transfer updates.

To get the latest version of the application, you cannot download it on the Google Play Store because there are no game files, and only the PPSSPP emulator. No need to worry, you can download the latest version via the link below for free.

  • Name of the Games : PES 2021 Chelito
  • Version of the Games : V8
  • Update : Season 2020
  • Mode : Offline 
  • Size : 746 MB
  • Credits : Gilagame

File Download
Normal Camera : Mediafire | Mega
Far Camera : Mediafire | Mega

How To Install PES 2021 Chelito

  • Download PPSSPP Emulator and then Install it
  • Download Game ISO, Save Data & Textures
  • Extract RAR files using software (ZArchive, 7zip, RAR, File Explorer or others)
  • Please move the ISO file to the PSP Game folder, or it's up to you to put it where you can find it later
  • Please move SAVE DATA to Folder: PSP / SAVE DATA
  • Move TEXTURE to Folder: PSP / TEXTURE
  • Open the PPSSPP Emulator and look for the PES game you moved earlier
  • Finished

Credits :
● Konami
● eFootball
● Zero Eleven
● Chelito 19
● Bendezu
● Auvergne81
● Kazemario Evolution
● Magic Squad

Supported for Android version:
v4.0 – v4.0.4 [Ice Cream Sandwich], v4.1 – v4.3.1 [Jelly Bean], v4.4 – v4.4.4 [KitKat], v5.0 – v5.0.2 [Lollipop], v6.0 [Marshmallow], and UP.

It is one of the best football games today which has the latest style of play. Until now, PES PPSSPP already has many active users spread throughout the world. You can enjoy all these features using the latest version of the game for free via the link in this article. Enjoy playing, don't forget to share.