√ Naruto Senki Moba Mugen APK Full Character Update 2022


√ Naruto Senki Moba Mugen APK Full Character Update 2022

 There are many versions of this game and all of them are almost the same, there are only differences in the parts of characters that are full and some are still empty, and now it's time to give you a link to download the Moba Mugen V1.7 Apk on your Android device.

You don't need to worry because this game is free to have as in the APK version of the full character, which can indeed be downloaded free to play. Even though this game is not on Google Playstore, this game is still compatible with many versions of Android.

It should be remembered by all friends, that Naruto Senki Mod Moba Mugen, which was released in 2020, mostly has a fairly large apk size, this is because it uses a lot of skill effects and jutsu that are getting better, even better when you play. So if someone is looking for that 25MB size I suggest looking for another version first.

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Naruto Senki Mod Moba Mugen V1.7 Apk Description

In this gapmod blog there is also a download link for the full character Naruto Senki mod apk, which is easy and doesn't rotate like on YouTube. Later I will give you many choices that you can try to play, including the initial version, the latest version and there is also a Naruto senki mod apk all special characters for loyal readers of this blog.

As for those of you who want to find the latest games, you can download them from our latest post with the title Moba Mugen Apk Full Character

Update Features Naruto Senki Mod Moba Mugen Apk Full Character

Update Features Moba Mugen 1.7 Apk Full Character

reduce cold skill 1 layla from 10 seconds to 5 seconds

add miniom blood by 500

add 1 badang damage skill from 200 to 220 and

increase damage to 3 badang skills from 5 per hit to 19 per hit

remove the 3 stord skill effect of the gord and add damage to skill 3

gord from 120 to 160 and reduce cold gown skills by 1 gord

15 becomes 10

reduce cold skill 1 hanabi from 30 to 25

deals damage to skill 2 lolita and increases skill duration 2

lolita from 10 to 12

increase damage 1 guinevere skill from 180 to 200

expand the range of the gum skill from 50 to 80

increase damage skill 2 natalia from 400 to 600 and reduce

coldown skill 3 natalia from 30 seconds to 27 seconds, coldown

 skill 2 natalia from 15 seconds to 10 seconds, coldown skill 1 natalia 15 seconds

 to 12 seconds, and gives additional damage in Natalia's basic attack

increase damage to 1 monster zhask skill from 17 per hit to 20 per hit

reduce the cold guinevere skill 3 from 27 to 24

increase damage skill 2 dyrroth from 60 to 90

reduce the 2 eudora's coldown skills from 8 seconds to 5 seconds

reduce cold skill 1 hanabi from 25 to 20 and

reduce cold skill skill 3 habiabi from 80 to 70

reduce coldown skill 1 miya from 18 seconds to 16 seconds and

add damage buff in skill 1 miya


reduce the blood of eudora from 4000 to 3500

reduce layla blood from 4000 to 3500 and

reduce damage to 1 layla skill from 160 to 60

reduce blood inflammation from 4800 to 4000 and

add 3 badang coldown skills from 30 to 35

Reducing gum blood from 3500 to 3000

Reducing karrie blood from 3500 to 3000

reduce habiabi blood from 3700 to 3500

reduce argus blood from 5000 to 4000

reduce damage to 3 jonshon skills

reduce blood pressure from 4500 to 4000

reduce damage skill 2 eudora from 100 to 70

reduce blood cyclops from 4000 to 3000 and

reduce the damage skills of 2 cyclops from 345 per hit to 335 per hit

reduce the blood of buff monsters from 65000 to 50000

reduce the damage of the hayabusa shuriken from 175 to 125 and

increase cold skill 1 hayabusa from 5 seconds to 8 seconds and

add cold skill 2 hayabusa from 15 seconds to 18 seconds

reduce damage skill 3 glass gatot from 350 to 300

increase cold skill 2 gord from 10 to 15 and

reduce damage skill 2 gord from 300 to 270 as well

add 3 gord coldown skills from 25 to 30

reduce lolita blood from 8000 to 7000

reduce damage skill 1 chou from 340 to 330

reduce skill damage to 2 layla from 155 to 140

reduce blood hayabusa from 3500 to 3000 and

reduce the damage of the hayabusa shuriken from 180 to 165


updated skill 3 chou and the latest effects on skills 1 and 3

add lightning effect to the 2 gatot glass skill

updated skill 3 lolita

Adds effect to the 3 Hanabi skill

updated skill 3 cyclops


zodiac badang skin

legend skin gord

Moba Mugen Apk Download Link

  • Nama Game : Moba Mugen Apk V1.7
  • Versi Game : 1.7
  • Ukuran Game : 100 Mb 
  • Mod By : Syarifad


How to Install Moba Mugen Mod Apk

  • Download files from this Gapmod site
  • If you don't have the APK format, please extract it
  • Extract using ZArchiver [recommended]
  • Install Apk Naruto Senki Mod
  • Play on

How to Open Hardcore Character Naruto Senki

  • For friends who want to open hardcore characters from Naruto games faster and easier and not use MOD help. Certainly requires a special method, like a brief clarification in the following chapter:
  • The first thing to do is to open the game first then go to the men or training mode chapter.
  • If the final is done, choose the character of the warrior you want and like or the character known to be cool.
  • Before opening a script, certain conditions are needed which can then be used to open or close the hardcore mode of the Naruto Senki game. The condition is that players are required to win the match 15 times, except for version 1.17.
  • Which number of 10 matches you have been able to open each letter. But the election was also carried out with a minimum number of 3 characters, resembling the characters of Minato, Tobirama, and also Tobi characters.
  • After winning 15 matches / battles.
  • If you succeed in winning 15 matches in this game using a minimum of 3 characters, the hardcore mode that you can play is open. However, for hardcore characters that you can play later only consist of characters who have experienced a victory in the number of 15 categories in the previous training mode.
  • If you want to get a certain hardcore script, then you should try to get it to win 15 times in each of the previous battles. You can do this continuously until all of the characters in the game are open and you can play them easily.

In the meantime, what we provide about the game Moba Mugen Apk, for those who find dead links and cannot be downloaded, please comment or can send messages through our official Facebook Fans page.

GamePlay Moba Mugen

At the beginning of opening the game, the player will choose the game mode provided, please choose Training mode because only that mode can be used to play. Then the player can choose the character of the game as he wishes. Each character has a different skill please choose carefully.

The ability of characters in the Naruto Senki game are the same as the original anime version. Each character is generally endowed with 3 skills or jutsu. However, sometimes there are unique characters with up to 6 skills and this will also be seen if you enter Hardcore mode.

How to Install Naruto Senki Mod Moba Mugen Apk Full Character

Characters in Naruto Senki

  • Obito in masked Sharingan mode
  • Madara Rikudo (one eye version)
  • Yamato
  • Akatsuki Sasuke
  • Naruto Six Way (Rasengan Amaterasu Special Jutsu)
  • Naruto Rinnegan Mode (replace with pain)
  • Mokuton Neji
  • Naruto x Menma Bijuu mode (replace Naruto)
  • Nagato Edo Tensei
  • Minato Anbu
  • Killer Bee (to replace Kimimaro)
  • Kakuzu: Sasori
  • Killer Bee (to replace Kakashi)
  • Hashirama Mokuryu (replaces Gaara)
  • Rinnegan and Naruto Biju Mode (replace Deva Path)
  • Deidara Edo Tensei's character
  • Menma character (change asura path)
  • Raikage
  • Naruto mode 4 tails (replace Jiraiya)
  • Combine Itachi with Naruto: Susano 'Time
  • The latest version of Sasuke (anime series titled "Naruto: The Last")
  • Bijuu mode for Minato Namikaze
  • Rinnegan for Naruto (change animal path)

Below are the steps that must be followed to download the Moba Mugen 5vs5

  • Activate Android smartphone.
  • Connect the smartphone to an internet connection.
  • Open all types of web browser applications.
  • Click the link from this blog.
  • Continue the download process.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Move the file to the desired folder.
  • Follow the install method above.

That's all we can share on this occasion. Wait for the next update for the Moba Mugen V1.8 Apk game which is no less exciting. However, we don't know when there will be an updated version. For the time being you can play the games we share.

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