Thursday, September 10, 2020

FIFA 21 Mobile Apk for Android Offline Update Transfers



The download link for this FIFA 21 Mobile Apk for Android Offline Update Transfers has been updated for you to try playing on your Android device. For now I will share the modified version and have the latest transfer update for the 2020-2021 season, because there are many players who prefer to play FIFA 14 than the latest version of FIFA Mobile. 

I am sure you will be very happy to play, because in this games already uses player transfer updates in the update transfer season.

Description FIFA 14 Mod 21

Please choose 11 players from 550 real teams in the best squad, including past and present stars, then train them to more OVR 100 which will make your team stronger. 

You must make your best tactics with the composition you have chosen so that you can make the strongest Ultimate Team in the competition. Test your skills by taking part in all thrilling matches around the world.

Game Play FIFA 14 Mod 2021 Mobile

Above is the situation when playing the game. You can see from there what the graph is like. If you are happy with the game, you can get it directly from the site for free because this game is free to get.

We will try to update the latest version for you to be able to enjoy the game with the latest transfer updates which is definitely more exciting when played.

If this game cannot be installed on your Android device, try repeating the installation steps that I have explained above, try rereading and understanding it carefully and if it still cannot be installed, chances are the game version does not match the version of the device you have.

Please find another game on this gapmod site, because there are lots of games that I have shared.






Download Game FIFA 21 Mod Update Transfer

Some of the matches you can participate in include championships between leagues, or face the best players in the world in the VS League Tournament. League to rise on the leader boards and prove your talent in the field.

Immediately download to play, FIFA 14 Mod 21 Mobile Apk Update Transfer is available for you at, follow the correct installation method. For more information about the details of this game, please find info on various media social media including: Facebook or Youtube gapmod.

  • Supported for Android : 4.0 Up
  • Update : Season 2020/2021
  • Mode : Offline 
  • File Size ± : 700Mb
  • Update: August 18, 2020
  • Credits: Vetalgame & Darmans

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File Download

How To Install FIFA 14 Mod 21 Mobile Apk

  • Download the Apk, and then install. 
  • For a game that uses the Data/Obb in its game, don't forget to download the "Obb" files/"SD" file, before you play it. 
  • If the File is .zip or. rar files. Then, Extract the first File to your sdcard. (If asked for a password, enter: gapmod). 
  • Then move the extracted folder to the location:
    /sdcard/Android/Obb for OBB file
    /sdcard//Android//Data for Data file
  • If it has not been successful, you can put it in:/phone/Android/obb for OBB file/phone/Android/data for Data file
  • After that, you go to the game and play
  • Completed.

Note: Must copy all files to internal storage (phone storage) only.

Feature Update in Games

  • - Adboards & Stadium
  • - Full European Competition
  • - Barclays Premier League
  • - Championsip
  • - Liga 1 France
  • - Budesliga Germany
  • - Spanish La Liga
  • - Serie A Italian
  • - Dutch Eradivise
  • - UEFA Champions League
  • - UEFA European League
  • - Best Graphics Full HD
  • - Best Graphics Full HD
  • - New Gameplay
  • - New Faces
  • - New Scoreboard
  • - New Adboard
  • - New Ball
  • - New Boots
  • - And more

How to download comments:

  • Turn on your internet / wifi.
  • Open the game and click adjust.
  • Click on the update team, when a pop up appears, click no.
  • Then go to the game audio settings and download comments in any language.

If the game is forced to close

  • Select "Simulate" on the Replacement kit screen before the match.
  • Wait for 1 minute.
  • If there is full time writing.
  • Press the check button to continue playing.
  • Done.

How to change game language

  • Download this locale.ini file from here.
  • Sometimes .txt is automatically added after this file name when you download. Just delete .txt from the file name (change the name to locale.ini). This file name must be locale.ini only.
  • Overwrite this locale.ini file to: Android / data / / ini / na / [Overwrite / Paste here].
  • Open this file using any txt editor application, look for DEFAULT_TEXT funding and change ENG_US to any language, using the code below:
  1. ENG_US for English (default)
  2. FRE_FR for French
  3. SPA_ES for Spanish
  4. GER_DE for German
  5. ITA_IT for Italian
  6. JPN_JP for Japanese
  7. KOR_KR for Korean
  8. CHS_CN for Mandarin
  9. RUS_RU for Russian
  10. POR_BR for Portuguese
  11. DUT_NL for Dutch
  12. After that save the file and start the game.

About additional DB files

There are some additional DB files in the data file. You can use it to explore more game features. But be careful if you replace the db file after playing a few games, save your old game will be stuck. So you need to start again.

In the extracted data file there are 2 db files. Choose the best db file for you. And copy fifa.db from there to: Android / data / / data / cmn / [here]. Overwrite the old fifa.db file.
DB 2 has the latest transfers, but this can be less stable. The default fifa.db file is db 1.

Note: There are no additional DBs for the current version.

If this game cannot be installed on your Android device, try repeating the installation steps that I have explained above, try rereading it and understand it carefully. If you still can't install it, it's possible that the game version doesn't match the device version you have. Please look for other games on the Gapmod site, because we have shared so much.