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5+ Game FIFA 2020 for Android Mod Download | Updated January


 Link Download 5 Game FIFA 2020 for Android Mod APK DATA OBB Update - FIFA Soccer 2020 (FIFA 2020) is a game for all ages, ranging from children to teens who like to play this game. This application appears in the Sports category on the Play Store. You can visit the Electronic Arts website, EA Sports, EA Digital Illusions CE, for more information about speeches by companies / developers who made this game for Android.

On this occasion, I will provide the FIFA Soccer 2020 Mod Obb Download Link which can be downloaded and installed on Android devices that support 16 APIs and higher. Download the application using the browser of your choice. After downloading, you can click Install immediately to install the application. However, don't forget to move DATA and OBB to the file folder, which is usually located in the Android / Data area.

This is still the last FIFA Soccer game that I will share. This time it is the FIFA 2020 Mod APK DATA OBB version and has a fairly large file size with an update in January 2020. Additional discussion of the game will follow soon.

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Who doesn't know the game founded by the famous gaming company EA Sports or Electronic Arts? A game that interests many people. EA already has several versions of the game, from consoles to PCs to APK / Android Soccer.

Not yet obsolete, FIFA released a PC version of the FIFA 20 game, as well as consoles and Android. Friends can download this FIFA mobile soccer shop. However, it is unfortunate that Android users do not get the offline version for the APK version of FIFA 15 and higher and that they still survive in FIFA 14.

Even so, friends do not need to worry that we can download this ball game apk with modern games that always improve the appearance and the latest updates. Without them, there would be no article from our speech about this FIFA APK 20 soccer match.

We love making games for friends and all the reasons so they can benefit and have fun. Especially for friends who do not have a console or PC with high specifications, an increase in smartphone users are very happy to be able to enjoy this FIFA Ball apk game.

In FIFA 14 Mod Game Edition 20 apk by EA Sports, buttons can be seen in a bright and comfortable way for fast running, shots, 2 control buttons for mutual control to navigate in various directions and very easy to attack opponents

What are the advantages?

Tournament and manager modes continue to work better than before and there are no errors. This mode also includes the UEFA Champions League database or normal mod database with full player faces.

Well, even though users who have played this game several times are outdated, they already know the shortcomings of this game, not all the real faces of new players.

There are other modes in this game such as trophies, penalties, achievements, or achievements that can be unlocked when friends can set a game record.

Ultimate Team FIFA 14 mod 20 can be played offline on a friend's favorite Android, as mentioned before. This can work for friends who don't have a fee.

All you have to do is choose your team captain and start playing. In the end, you will receive your friend's prize after winning the match. Let me see !!

The football game Apk this time takes over from FIFA 14 with enhanced textures with the latest anime updates from 2019/2020 players like Joao Felix at Atl├ętico de Madrid, Eden Hazard at Real Madrid, Cristian Pulisic at Chelsea, Antoine Grizmann in Barcelona, ​​Ryan Sesegnon at Tottenham Hotspur and more. There is no way to mention everything, but that will add length, hehe. ,, ,,

Before downloading this soccer game for touch screen phones, you can see the superior features of this latest update.

FIFA 14 property mod 20

  • 2019/2020 league match
  • August player transfer update
  • New database for tournament and manager mode.
  • Administrator mode can be played more easily.
  • A new player face with improved graphics.
  • The latest update for the 2019/2020 kit is complete.
  • Promotional club update.
  • Featured team
  • Play to unlock game upgrade.
  • Side view as on PS4.
  • New ball and stadium.

Download Apk FIFA 14 Mod 20

The function found above is very complete, right? Without basics, friends can download this globe apk again via the following link:

Update January 31, 2020

FIFA 14 Mod FIFA 20 Graphics HD 2020

FIFA 14 Mod FIFA 20 Graphics HD 2020

  • Nama Game : FIFA 14 Mod FIFA 20 Graphics HD 2020
  • Supported Untuk Android : 4.0 Up
  • Game Versions : -
  • Updated Season : 2020
  • Mode Game : Offline
  • Ukuran File : 1.3 Gb
  • Update : 26 Januari 2020
  • Thank you : Gila Game
  • Link Untuk Download : APK | DATA | OBB

  • Nama Game : FIFA 20 MOD FIFA 14 ANDROID BEST 2020
  • Supported Untuk Android : 4.0 Up
  • Game Versions : -
  • Updated Season : 2018/2019
  • Mode Game : Offline
  • Ukuran File : 1.70 Gb
  • Update : 8 Desember 2019
  • Thank you : Pro Net Games
  • Link Download : APK | DATA | OBB

  • Nama Game : FIFA 14 MOD FIFA 20 UPDATE 2019/20
  • Supported Untuk Android : 4.0 Up
  • Game Versions : -
  • Updated Season : 2018/2019
  • Mode Game : Offline
  • Ukuran File : 1.0 Gb
  • Update : 30 November 2019
  • Thank you : M Pro Gaming
  • Link Download : APK | DATA | OBB

  • Nama Game : FIFA 20 Mobile 2019/2020
  • Supported Untuk Android : 4.0 Up
  • Game Versions : -
  • Updated Season : 2018/2019
  • Mode Game : Offline
  • Ukuran File : 1.1 Gb
  • Update : 22 November 2019
  • Thank you : ifabix7
  • Link Download : APK | DATA

  • Nama Game : FIFA 20 MOD FIFA 14 2020 HD
  • Supported Untuk Android : 4.0 Up
  • Game Versions : -
  • Updated Season : 2018/2019
  • Mode Game : Offline
  • Ukuran File : 900 Mb
  • Update : 18 November 2019
  • Thank you : M Pro Gaming
  • Link Download : DATA | OBB

  • Nama Game : FIFA 20 Mobile UCL Edition 2020
  • Supported Untuk Android : 4.0 Up
  • Game Versions : -
  • Updated Season : 2018/2019
  • Mode Game : Offline
  • Ukuran File : 950 Mb
  • Update : 12 November 2019
  • Thank you : ifabix7
  • Link Download : APK | DATA | OBB

How To Install FIFA 2020 for Android

  1. Download the Game, and then install and Play it. 
  2. For a game that uses the Data/Obb in its game, don't forget to download the "Obb" files/"SD" file, before you play it. 
  3. If the File is .zip or. rar files. Then, Extract the first File to your sdcard. (If asked for a password, enter: gapmod). 
  4. Then move the extracted folder to the location:
    /sdcard/Android/Obb for OBB file
    /sdcard//Android//Data for Data file
  5. If it has not been successful, you can put it in:
    /phone/Android/obb for OBB file
    /phone/Android/data for Data file
  6. After that, you go to the game and play
  7. Completed.

FIFA Mobile Game Reviews

FIFA Mobile Game is one of many free games. This game has two types of games, full games and mini-games. Games available in mini-games are criminal, 1-1 against goalkeepers, ships against opposing players and more, depending on the event chosen.

FIFA Mobile Apk was developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada and published by EA Sports for iOS and Android. Every event on FIFA Mobile Mods is a shared or valued event. Prizes depend on the level of difficulty and the cost of resistance. In big events, big prizes are also the reason for much persistence.

FIFA mobile game features

The following discussion discusses the functionality of the Mobile Game Apk. Many functions that you can use during playback. The first is a live event and attack mode. In this function, the player plays in mini-game mode. Capricorn is not a soccer match. If you want to use the full 90 minutes of the game, use the season mode.

There are characteristics of the UEFA league. Which player can determine the opponent of the biggest competition in a soccer club in the world, such as the UEFA Champions League or European League? This is the last team. Players can choose 11 players from around 550 original groups, including stars of various types, and prepare them for more than 100 OVR.

FIFA Mobile Apk tips are also provided with tutorials, boat screens, penalties and all movements needed for the game. In terms of control, FIFA Mobile Mod Apk has a control card with a touch screen and three buttons. These three buttons can change depending on the position of the reader. When a player attacks, the key functions are "pass", "run" and "ability" and "shoot".

In the stop position, the button function integrates switches, sprints and fights and slides. If the game is more relaxed, you can get out of the game and control the player with Al, and the game will run on its own.

Another feature is full competition. Play one by one on Attack Versus or during 11v11 matches to win valuable prizes on several levels. Win the climbing division and get more prizes when you reach the top of the board.

If you qualify for the Versus Attack tournament, you have the chance to win top prizes and prizes for the 100 best achievements.

Weak points of FIFA Mobile Game

FIFA Mobile Data Apk for automatic games is useful, but sometimes AI-controlled players do crazy and unwanted things. It looks like the AI ​​queue is directly proportional to the player's statistics. Therefore, it's better to take control in the middle of the game.

Sometimes virtual joysticks lock the screen and make writing or swipe difficult. That also interferes with the game.

FIFA Soccer v13.0.12 offers the latest version of Android Apk Mod

1. Face to face with a friend

For the first time at FIFA Mobile, you can challenge your friends in real time in 11-on-11 matches. Make a list of friends in the game and monitor the recordings directly.

2. Build the ultimate team

Form your last team with any player from the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS and more. Then promote each player to become a superstar.

Form a team using soccer players from the same country, the same league or the same team to improve your game and place your top 11 at the top of the leaderboards.

3. New Game Prize Contest

Play face-to-face games in Full VS Attack or 11v11 to get valuable level prizes based on weekly and monthly performance. Generate, improve divisions, and get more rewards when you reach the top of the leaderboards.

4. FIFA Championship League

Challenge your opponents in the biggest club competition in the world: the UEFA Champions League and UEFA European League. This includes chapters from live programs that can be played based on current world tournaments that take place throughout the season.

FIFA Football Instructions v13.0.12 Latest changes for Android

  • Make sure FIFA MOBILE is installed.
  • Make sure your internet connection is active.
  • Open the game, you will be asked to move a scroll and that is your age.
  • Then enter the name of your team to your liking, no more than 12 characters.
  • Then select the chest or shirt and the team logo that you will use. Choose a team that is not used often so there are no similarities with other players.
  • You only enter the main courses and training offered. Follow everything.

Tips for quick updates on the latest FIFA Soccer game v13.0.12 Apk Android Mod

The update here is very simple. Accept the challenge right away, in attack and season mode. It's best to exit the live event and attack mode first. The reason is because the beginner's resistance is only 10. If you win, you get 10xp per game with 1 resistance.

For those who have reached level 5, you can add seasons because of the reasons why 1 game is 20xp and 800 pieces. However, the resistance used is 3, quite balanced.

How to get coins quickly:

Play and play because the attack mode depends on your league for the 800 season coins. And the event directly in accordance with the provisions of the event.

Chip / player sales, chip trophy sales (gold, elite), the reason is that prices start between 6,000 and 40,000. How to win trophies by winning results and more. Starting from bronze to silver and then to gold and the elite.

Resale, buy Champions / Trophy cards and resell at different prices.

To play with friends in multi-player mode:

  • Connect to Facebook first.
  • Activate attack mode.
  • Click on Friends.
  • New game
  • Play game

How to get elite players:

Elite players worth more than 40,000. They can only be bought at the market. Buy an All Premium package at the store for one dollar.

Collect chips and players in a plan to receive elite players such as Zlatan, Pogba, James Rodriguez, Reus, Martial and others.

Fill out quickly with the event so you can collect up to 20 tokens and exchange them for a pro package.

Cellular specifications are required for the latest Android change to FIFA Soccer v13.0.12

To play this game without worrying that the battery runs out quickly, it is better to use Android with a battery of more than 3000 mAh. This way your game will be smooth and fun.

This application is compatible with the capabilities of Android 4.0 and newer. When you play Android, it doesn't overheat quickly and there are no errors.

Above you will find a structured guide to downloading FIFA Soccer 13.0.10 with the latest Android mods and various explanations for their use. In addition to additional features included in the game application.


What are the new games from FIFA 14 mod 20?

Many, from jerseys, club promotions, player transfers and more.

What are the conditions needed to play this game?

1 GB RAM, 1.5 GB storage, Android 4.3

Is this game compatible with iOS devices?

Sorry, currently only compatible with Android devices.