Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tips And Trik for Android Device


  Tips And Trik for Android Device - Here I will only just share from my friend on Facebook: Izzy Bluesy. Because I feel that these tips are useful, then I will share to all my friends. Immediately, please read until the end for those who feel the need. For those who have not, can try later. :-)

Tips And Trik for Android Device

Tips And Trik for Android Device

If SmartPhone deifying a house,

  • - The larger and luxurious, the more time that in need For the home care.
  • - More and more furniture and activities, the more things that must be in the fix and settled.
  • - Expensive - nothing fancy like a house ,, if garbage on leave lying around, would make uncomfortable ,,
  • - Small or large would want a simple or luxurious ,, ,, state of a house is a reflection of its owner.

Wants expensive or cheap, android phone is a smartphone.
Wants expensive or cheap, when using such SmartPhone must SmartUser.
A SmartPhone ....
If more and more features, the greater the power that is required.
More and more applications installed, the harder the engine performance of the phone.
Wants expensive or air-brand devices ,, if its lazy to clean-in junk files, the device would quickly so slow, long to respond ,, slow signals, etc ...

  Applications that most accumulates junk files is a social media apps such as wa, fb messenger ,, line, cocoa, WeChat, whatsapp, etc .... ,, advertising, stickers, moving images, and the other who would be stored in memory ( internal or external).
Examples ,, whatsapp app (the latest version at this time) no more than 30MB ,, but look at the total size in the Info Apps, some even 100mb 1gb ....

  Take just how quickly ,, install and use on a regular basis from one application below,
Prev stage of cleanup, go first application settings or view, jgn until applications that are not installed but you still need imaginable in the sdcard also be deleted ,,
When finished cleaning the cleaners just now ,, drag an app to the info apps ,, and forcibly stopped.

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