Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to Swap Memory External to Internal Memory in Android Device


  How to Swap Memory External to Internal Memory - This method is written by: Aldi Chester, which is on Facebook. Here I will only share again to all my friends, because I feel this way is very useful for friends of Android users. Do not forget to read it slowly as he tried to practice. Because if there's the slightest false step, then this method will not work. Please just listened How to Swap Memory External to Internal Memory below.

How to Swap Memory External to Internal Memory

How to Swap Memory External to Internal MemoryHow to Swap Memory External to Internal Memory

Swap of external to internal memory

  This tutorial serves to change the external memory so that it reads as internal.
install the game ", automatically direct incoming external memory
Requirements: Only Root

Download first the ingredients: take one of the following links

Then extract, then will produce a folder "swap memory" which contain
  1. Busy Box
  2. Universal init.d
  3. 11extsd2internalsd

The next stage install busybox, how:
  1. Install busybox, immediately open kmudian wrote.
  2. Click install> click normal install
  3. Then reboot the device

The next stage of universal init.d install, how:
  1. Install the universal init.d, then immediately open aja.
  2. Click on Activate, wait for the moment
  3. Click verify, then will appear the words "SUCCESS! You have init.d support
  4. Then reboot the device

Then create a folder in sd_external 3 pieces / outermost (not included in the folder)
by name "
0, legacy, obb
Move all files "music, videos, mp3, and other folders to" 0 "which was created earlier.

The next stage insert init.d script, how:
  1. Open root explorer
  2. Copy the file 11ext2internalsd to the etc / init.d / paste here
  3. Sett permission be rwxrwxrwx (tick everything)
  4. Reboot and complete.

Then check, whether the already successful or not
To check the already successful or not, we use a file explorer / root explorer / file manager other.
Not from settting> storage> because the possibility to see here will be so desultory

Thank's to the Official xperia sp & XDA-dev

List of Android devices that have been test and work.
Galaxy ace 3, Xperia L, Xperia sp, Xperia M, Xperia Z, Xperia ZL

  That was a little review of How to Swap Memory External to Internal Memory on your Android device. Good luck practice. If not successful, there may be a wrong step. Please read these carefully. But remember, I am not responsible for what happens after you do it this way. :-)