Sunday, August 2, 2015

[Update] Naruto Senki v1.17 First 2 Apk


  Download Update Naruto Senki 117 First 2 - Only some emotion to wait for the latest updates. Naruto Senki v1.17 version, has now been updated to version First 2 APK. For those of you who do not know what's new, you can instantly play. Because it is the latest character to the 3rd Hokage you can play offline permanently in position. However, the latest character: Kiba, did not exist in this first 2 version. Immediately, those who want to play, can be directly updated in this blog. Read how to download and how to install it first, so that you are not confused.

Update Naruto Senki v1.17 First 2 Apk

Download Naruto Senki v1.17 First 2 Apk

  How to install is easy. You just have to download, and then install. Because the format has .apk, then you just play it. Immediately enjoy a new character. If you want to enter in the Hardcore mode, you can read the following way.

Apps Information
  • Name of App : Naruto Senki Apk
  • Versions App : 1.17 First 2
  • Size of App : 38 Mb
What's New on First 2:
  • New Charackter, Hiruzen Sarutobi permanent in offline mode
  • However, the character Kiba did not exist in this version.
  • For How to Unlock Naruto Senki to Hardcore Mode click here

Download Naruto Senki v1.17 First 2 Apk