Tuesday, June 2, 2015

WhatsFapp v1.20 Apk | Two WhatsApp+ in One Device


  Download WhatsFapp v1.20 Apk - Back update, for chat application that has long existed. WhatsFapp apk v1.20, is an application of the Mod: WhatsApp+ Reborn v1.20. Which previously had been there for you. For this version you can install 3 WhatsApp in one device. WhatsApp original one, and the other two are WhatsFapp [WhatsApp +]. So this version is arguably the cloning of application WhatsApp. Immediately, those of you who want to use these Apps can be directly downloaded on gapmod.com, Or you can go directly to the official website at OsmDroid. Read how to download and install it. Congratulations use.

WhatsFapp v1.20 Apk | Two WhatsApp+ in One Device

Download WhatsFapp v1.20 Apk - Two WhatsApp+ in One Device

Apps Information

What's New:
  • Based Updated v2.12.73
  • Fixed Elapsed Time in Calls UI
  • Removed Animations Checkbox
  • Removed Size mods except emoji size
  • Added new 6.4, select between OLD UI and Call UI for app startup
  • Added color mods for new group stats look
  • Added 6.2C for Lollipop users, change notification circle color
  • Added new mic circle color
  • Gradients mods added
  • Counter Text color mod added
  • Downloading Themes facility is back. Theme Server by Mazlum Bolek

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  The difference between c*m.whatsfapp and com.whatsfapp. Both are the same except for the name of the package. Package name has been changed so that you can use two WhatsFapp [WhatsApp + Reborn] in one device running two different accounts

How to Install:
  • Direct Install apk (s) depending on the type of emojis (In the original Whatsapp no iOS emoji) you like. (if you do not WhatsApp two WhatsFapp you can install one apk)
  • Go through the verification
  • Enter Number, Get SMS or Call, Enter the verification code
  • Finished

Source: OsmDroid.net

WhatsFapp v1.20 Apk