Saturday, February 21, 2015

Download After Focus Pro v1.6.1 Apk (Paid Apps)


   Download After Focus Pro v1.6.1 Apk - Is a paid apps in GooglePlay. You have to pay in advance to obtain this application. However, you will get a very good application instead of built-in camera on your Android device. With this application, you can get a feature similar to the feature on professional cameras, like the DLSR camera. In addition, a lot of the menu and effect present in this application. If you are curious, please be directly tested.

After Focus Pro Apk (Paid Apps)

Download After Focus Pro v1.6.1 Apk (Paid Apps)

  For those of you who want to immediately download the application, you can go directly to the original link in Playstore I have provided below. But for those of you who can not download from Google Play, I also will give you a link to download for After Focus Pro is from another address and of course free.

Apps Information

What's New
  • Smart focus area selection 
  • Background Blur effect 
  • Filter effect 
  • Double photo
  • Easy share 

Download After Focus Pro v1.6.1 Apk (Paid Apps)