Saturday, January 24, 2015

Download WhatsApp Plus v6.76 AntiBan And How to Remove Ban By Rahil


   Download Android Apps, WhatsApp Plus v6.76 AntiBan And How to Remove Ban By Rahil - Latest notification regarding application WhatsApp+ is a third party application. So from the official version of WhatsApp announced that this application can not be used anymore. Some time ago there was some users complain about this event. Because some users experiencing blocking the application WhatsApp+, so that the application can not be used. Lots of users have complained about this in online social media. Because of that, the party WhatsApp+ (Rahil) launched a new application: WhatsApp Plus v6.76 AntiBan And How to Remove Ban By Rahil. This new application will help you to continue using WhatsApp+ the same as usual. Even in this latest version added new features are more interesting. Curious anything what the latest features? please continue reading. 

WhatsApp Plus v6.76 AntiBan And How to Remove Ban

WhatsApp Plus v6.76 AntiBan And How to Remove Ban By Rahil

   WhatsApp+ application is fairly a lot of users. They come from various countries. Because of this application is to have more features than the original version. This is exactly what makes WhatsApp+ developers create new updates and also adds new features are also more attractive. Here is an explanation of WhatsApp Plus v6.76 AntiBan.

Features WhatsAppPlus:
  • Hide last seen and Online Status Blue
  • You can apply and make their own theme according to your choice
  • For Android version 4.4 and above devices, there Immersive Mod
  • The color of the notification icon can be changed
  • You can upload photos and video without compression
  • The maximum upload size is enlarged to 30 MB
  • Using a theme Design Materials
  • And many others

Change Log:

  • There is a signature changes. So as to be able to use WhatsApp+, you must uninstall the previous version WhatsApp
  • This version uses AntiBan. So WhatsApp+ You will still be able to be used.
  • There are new changes in the attach icon
  • This version has been created for an unlimited time (there will be a warning after 180 days)

Need Attention
   If you've got a ban for a few hours, this mod will not remove the ban you. This mod will only prevent you getting ban WhatsApp+ and will allow you to still be able to use WhatsApp+. You can see more detail about this latest WhatsApp+ on its website

# Not long after the update version v6.76, has now been re-updated to the most recent version. Please download the latest applications in: WhatsApp Plus V1.00 AntiBan Reborn Materials Design By Rahil