Thursday, January 29, 2015

WhatsAppPlus ReBorn v1.00 AntiBan Material Design | Update


Download WhatsApp Plus ReBorn v1.00 AntiBan Material Design - After some time ago there were some minor issues regarding this application WhatsApp+, has now been re-updated to the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus Anti Ban.

With this latest version is expected for the WhatsApp Plus users will still feel comfortable when using this application. There is little difference indeed the most recent version. Judging from version alone is different. 

For the latest version, the version number will be reborn again, v1.00. With the latest version of this hopefully will no longer be a problem in the use of WhatsApp Plus. Please those who want to use this application, can immediately try it.

Download WhatsApp+ ReBorn v1.00 AntiBan Material Design By Rahil

Download WhatsApp Plus ReBorn v1.00 AntiBan Material Design

For those of you who have previously exposed to ban, this latest application is not eliminating the ban. But to prevent you hit ban of the official party. 

That's why if you still want to use WhatsApp+ on your Android device, please just install WhatsApp Plus v1.00 AntiBan Reborn Materials Design By Rahil, below.

Change Log:
  • Project of WhatsApp+ and all development is not associated with Rafalense from now.
  • And changelog for version number will be repeated from the beginning 
  • Part theme will work again
  • For the latest version, the ad will be shown in the display theme download for supporting #Legend (Not Rahil)

Features WhatsAppPlus:
  • Hide last seen and Online Status Blue
  • You can apply and make their own theme according to your choice
  • For Android version 4.4 and above devices, there Immersive Mod
  • The color of the notification icon can be changed
  • You can upload photos and video without compression
  • The maximum upload size is enlarged to 30 MB
  • Using a theme Design Materials
  • And many others

Need Attention:

If you've got a ban for a few hours, this mod will not remove the ban you. This mod will only prevent you getting ban WhatsApp+ and will allow you to still be able to use WhatsApp+. You can see more detail about this latest WhatsApp+ on its website

# Because the official website has been removed, you can try another alternative to download latest versions here: WhatsApp+ Reborn v1.75 Antiban.