Saturday, January 10, 2015

Download SmartKeyboard Pro Apk | Update


Download Android Apps SmartKeyboard Pro Apk - One of the many applications Keyboard for Android devices. However, I am most happy to use Smartkeyboard Pro. Why? because by using Smartkeyboard Pro Apk this, I can use AutoText.

Autotext itself is a text that will automatically appear when we write one or two words that already have automatic text. To be able to create AutoText, AutoText you have to fill the existing settings in the settings menu of the application Smartkeyboard Pro.

You can make as per your taste. Examples of when you want to write "Hello, how are you?", The AutoText you just write "thing" and later will automatically appear the word. Maybe a little bit complicated indeed, but if it is practiced will be easier. Please download the application Smartkeyboard Pro Apk to try it.

SmartKeyboard Pro Apk With Autotext

SmartKeyboard Pro Apk With Autotext

Pictured above is an example of Smartkeyboard Pro that I use. From the picture you can see when I wrote the letter "hi" and will appear autotext reads "hihihihi" with different shapes.

That's for another autotext. If you want to use AutoText, you must enter a file named: Please download, for those who want to try Autotext that I use. 

For how to enter it later on there.To the theme and form of Smartkeyboard Pro also can customize to your taste. There are several types of keyboard that you can choose. With the theme of dark, gray, white, and others. For any color you can replace yourself. 

In the picture I am using a transparent theme. Okay, just for those who want to use this application, please download the application.