Sunday, January 11, 2015

Download Skin Transparent For Smartkeyboard Pro | Update


Download Android Apps, Skin Transparent For Smartkeyboard Pro - Smartkeyboard without skin feels it is too simplistic. Maybe favorite color or image of each person is different. Some like dark, white, or too bright colors.

But for today, I will share a Skin for your Smartkeyboard Pro with Transparent color. Are there from friends who love this color? For myself, I like this color due to offset apk Transparent Mod which also I am using. So it will be harmonious, between apk Mod with Smartkeyboard Pro used. 

If you are using apk Transparent too, I suggest to use this skin. Because of its transparency will be more perfect. For installation of the Smartkeyboard Pro Skin itself is not difficult. But if you do not read how well would have confused put where. 

Later after I give a screenshot of a transparent skin that I use, I will explain a little bit briefly about how the installation. Immediately following screenshot of Skin Smartkeyboard pro Transparent.

Skin Transparent For Smartkeyboard Pro

Download Skin Transparent For Smartkeyboard Pro

Download Skin Transparent For Smartkeyboard Pro

Tutor and skin files from Smart keyboard Pro Transparent I took from Dhian.R, one who likes the things transparent. Among the apk Mod Transparent he had used.

Tutor is very short, so hopefully my friends could understand it. Okay with it, following the tutor:

  • For you first download the file first Smartkeyboard Pro transparent skin.
  • Then save the file to the SD card on your android device.
  • Save the skin file into the folder '' skins '' (without the quotes). If there is no name in the Skin folder of your SD Card, you can make it in advance. The trick: get into Sdcrad create a new folder, named skins.
  • Then after skin files are in the skin folder, you go into the settings on Smartkeyboard Pro on your android. Select General Settings, then choose select skin. Select a transparent2.
  • It'S Done.

You can see the Skin of Smartkeyboard Pro you have turned into Transparent. If not successful, you can repeat again. 

There may be some step missing. Or maybe you can air their own experiments to find a simple way. Good luck, thanks for reading my little tutors share. Thank you for Dhian Rusdiana. We wish you success.