Friday, January 23, 2015

Download Emulator Playstation ePSXe v1.9.17 For Android


   Download Android Apps, Emulator Playstation ePSXe v1.9.17 - Nostalgic past. An emulator on Android devices to play Playstation games. Because this game playstation format is different from the games on Android, so if you want to play the playstation game you must use a specially emulator. This time I will share an emulator of the most widely used. EPSXe Playstation Emulator v1.9.17, is an emulator to play playstation games are very light. To use it was very easy. You just follow the instructions contained in this emulator, and surely you will immediately be able to use it. Do not forget to add your favorite games on this emulator. So what android can use this emulator? if it's a matter of my own little less understood, because here I just share and do not have any version of Android. So I myself can not try it one by one. For more details you try alone. Because I think this emulator does not require a specially android spec.

Emulator Playstation ePSXe v1.9.17

Emulator Playstation ePSXe v1.9.17 Android

   Actually had a lot of android users who use an emulator to play playstation games. Aside from ePSXe Playstation Emulator v1.9.17, there is also PPSSPP, and other emulators. But this time I share about ePSXe, because the possibility is still there that want to try to use this emulator. Please those who want to try, just download the application.

Review ePSXe v1.9.17 :
  • Updated for UI and Logo (Robert Typek)
  • Full screen inmersion (4.4)
  • 32bit blit
  • Very low latency of sound modes
  • Improvents and support for gamepads (more pads, automap on gameplay, l2/r2 mapping)
  • Bluetooth keyboards support
  • New ECM indexer
  • Option to download the OpenGL plugin
  • Option to delete savestates
  • Fixed PPF support
  • GPU: Fixed Mad Stalker
  • Ixed Kidou Senshi Gundam-Gihren no Yabou CD2
Prepare got a new challenge in play Playstation games on your Android device. Have a nice play ..

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