Saturday, January 10, 2015

Download Backup.Zip (Autotext) for Smartkeyboard Pro | Update


Download Android File, Backup.Zip (Autotext) For Smartkeyboard Pro - A file to enhance an application Autotext Smartkeyboard Pro on Android devices. Friends of the users of these applications call with

Because this file is actually present in the Smartkeyboard pro application. Why is named Backup? it is because this file is a backup file to replace the late of the settings on the application Smartkeyboard pro. For how to attach this file is a bit difficult.

You have to understand exactly how to install it. because if you are one of few the AutoText that you want to use does not appear when you use it. Let's look at how to incorporate this file, into Smartkeyboard Pro application.

Backup.Zip (Autotext) For Smartkeyboard Pro

Download Backup.Zip (Autotext) For Smartkeyboard Pro

Actually, the way that I will give not too difficult if you live practice. However, if you just read it, understand it's a small possibility.

Immediately, I will give way to install, into Smartkeyboard Pro. Check this up:
  • First of all you have to do is you have Smartkeyboard Pro Applications. If you do not have, you can download here: Smartkeyboard Pro apk.
  • Then please you go into the settings of the application Smartkeyboard pro. Find Backup menu settings.
  • Then select, backup to sdcard. This is to create a backup folder that is in your sdcard. Later there will be an error, it does not matter.
  • After that, you get into your sdcard. I recommend using rootexplorer. Because it is easier to use. You find the folder with the name: Smartkeyboard Pro.
  • Having met select, and delete existing in the folder.
  • Replace with that you downloaded earlier.
  • Then go back into the app Smartkeyboard pro.
  • Search again Backup settings menu. Then select the Restore From SDCard.
  • And already completed. You can try using your AutoText.
  • If the autotext not appear, try to check in the settings on: Smartkeyboard pro. Find the settings menu text prediction. Check on show suggestions and always suggest. Good luck ..

It was just about, and how to install it on Smartkeyboard Pro. Hope it can help you, if there is a problem, you can leave a comment.

I will try to provide a solution as I could. For try another Apps, please visit Good luck..